We are known for customized offsite modular solutions that are built with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. From temporary to permanent structures and individual modules, we manufacture a range of products.

Offsite Solutions

Alta-Fab has over four decades’ worth of offsite construction experience, evolving right along with the ever-changing industry year over year.

Workforce Accommodations

We also provide installation information, mobile services, and support for all of our workforce accommodation structures, and can move camps of any size through our relocation services.

What is Offsite Construction

Offsite construction refers to the planning, design, fabrication, and assembly of building elements at a location other than the building’s final installed location. This method supports the rapid and efficient construction of a permanent structure.

We think of offsite construction, or “modular building,” as a process rather than a product. It’s an alternative project delivery method that begins by producing a customized building offsite under controlled conditions, then transports it to its site location in three-dimensional modules to be installed on the foundation. Your building meets all the required building codes and standards with the same building science, architectural appeal, and operational requirements you would find in traditional construction.

Why choose offsite construction?

Building offsite is a more sustainable process that inherently reduces waste and site disruption. The most significant benefit of offsite construction is the reduced construction schedule; your building can be ready as much as 50 per cent sooner than building the conventional way.

There are many reasons to consider offsite construction for your next office, school, workforce accommodations, or wellsite project. .

The Benefits of Offsite Construction