Modular Building Construction Remote

Providing innovative modular building solutions for industries across Canada since 1973.

Modular Building Construction Remote

Modular Building Construction Remote

Sleeper Shack

The Three Suite Sleeper Unit is a central feature in our collection of modular buildings. This unit has three separate suites, each with a private bathroom, bedroom, and fully-equipped kitchen. Additionally, it offers a shared mechanical and laundry facility, along with an outdoor barbecue area for residents to enjoy.

We Build Modular Solutions

Alta-Fab builds offsite camp structures of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 10-person or a 2,500-person complex, our workforce accommodations can be tailored for any industrial requirement.

For over 50 years, wellsite and gas exploration companies have relied on Alta-Fab for all of their modular building needs. As a result, we’ve staked our reputation on high-quality, innovative solutions that deliver in the harshest environments and conditions.

The comfort and functionality of your office or operations centre can make all the difference. At Alta-Fab, we’ve made lots of custom units that are designed just for the job and place you need them.

Alta-Fab provides custom education facilities and structures for school divisions, clubs, and daycares. Furthermore, we can provide additions to existing schools, free-standing education facilities, and single- or multi-storey builds.

Our custom-designed structures have been featured in some of Western Canada’s top resorts and spas. As a result, Alta-Fab can design highly functional structures that fit seamlessly into the natural beauty of the landscape. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Read what others have to say about Alta-Fab.

"Professional and wonderful staff that are great to work with. They offer a great product to suit any industry with their modular requirements."

"I have worked with Alta-fab as a customer, and they have been excellent. Very high Say-Do ratio (they do as they say), it's as simple as that. A highly skilled modular building company and they offer a large variety of services. They have a HUGE network so if you have a need....they will likely have a solution!"

"As a sub contractor working with Alta Fab and their staff, Equipment is top notch, the level of care that goes into each build is over and above. Always the highest quality of materials used. The staff and employees are great and a pleasure to work with."

"This is a company that stands behind their product and clients"

About Us

Why Alta-Fab

For over fifty years, Alta-Fab has been an expert in permanent and temporary offsite construction solutions. With precise attention to detail, we create high-quality, innovative modular structures for residential, industrial, and commercial markets within Canada. We tackle our clients’ biggest challenges, delivering exceptional results.

Alberta Wellsite Modular Building


Whether it’s temporary, fast-deployed units, or long-term, permanent structures, we’ve honed our offsite construction processes to deliver projects that suit a variety of needs. Fifty years in business is our proof.

Remote Modular shared office kitchen

Problem Solvers

No two projects are the same, and we adapt to each unique challenge with a tailor-made solution that delivers exactly what you need, when you need it. Furthermore, our industry solutions span a variety of fields, catering to diverse needs and requirements.

Wellsite Accommodation Alberta


To us, quality means we don’t stop until it’s right. Moreover, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering quality throughout our rigorous approach from start to finish.

Mechanical Room Alberta


Our design and purchasing teams will find interior and exterior finishing materials that match your existing building for a consistent look.

Alberta Custom Cabinets for Modular Wellsites


Our millwork division can also provide all of your millwork needs—cubbies, built-in storage, closets, and desks that make space efficient.

Modular Building Construction Remote

Remote Modular Solutions

Over the last 50 years, we’ve designed modular buildings for every application imaginable. Contact us about your next project.