Experts in Offsite Construction

Providing innovative modular building solutions for industries across Canada since 1973.

Two-unit lounger at the Oil & Gas show in Calgary, Alberta. This was a custom build and shows the range of our capabilities when it comes to modular design.

We Build Modular Solutions

Alta-Fab builds offsite camp structures of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 10-person or a 2,500-person complex, our workforce accommodations can be tailored for any industrial requirement.

For over 45 years, wellsite and gas exploration companies have relied on Alta-Fab for all of their modular building needs. We’ve staked our reputation on high-quality, innovative solutions that deliver in the harshest environments and conditions.

The comfort and functionality of your office or operations centre can make all the difference. At Alta-Fab, we’ve designed and manufactured dozens of custom units developed specifically for the task and environment.

Alta-Fab provides custom education facilities and structures for school divisions, clubs, and daycares. We can provide additions to existing schools, free-standing education facilities, and single- or multi-storey builds.

Our custom-designed structures have been featured in some of Western Canada’s top resorts and spas — Alta-Fab can design highly functional structures that fit seamlessly into the natural beauty of the landscape. 

About Us

Why Alta-Fab

For over forty-five years, Alta-Fab has been an expert in permanent and temporary offsite construction solutions. Tackling our clients’ biggest challenges with precise attention to detail, we create high-quality, innovative modular structures for residential, industrial, and commercial markets within Canada.


Whether it’s temporary, fast-deployed units, or long-term, permanent structures, we’ve honed our offsite construction processes to deliver projects that suit a variety of needs. Forty-five years in business is our proof.

Problem Solvers

No two projects are the same and we adapt to each unique challenge with a tailor made solution that delivers exactly what you need, when you need it. Our industry solutions span a variety of fields.


To us, quality means we don’t stop until it’s right. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering quality throughout our rigorous approach from start-to-finish.


Our design and purchasing teams will find interior and exterior finishing materials that match your existing building for a consistent look.


Our millwork division can also provide all of your millwork needs—cubbies, built-in storage, closets, and desks that make space efficient.

Offsite Construction Solutions

Over the last 45 years, we’ve designed modular buildings for every application imaginable. Contact us about your next project.