About Us

Our journey began more than 45 years ago in Nisku, Alberta, where we quickly established ourselves as industry leaders, becoming Western Canada’s leading modular offsite construction expert. Over the years, our extensive knowledge and experience have shaped the efficient processes we use today that ensure the quality of our products are “top-of-the-line” for our clients.

We are Experts in Offsite Construction

We specialize in quality structures, whether we’re developing your forever home in your favourite community or a temporary unit for a job site. The size of our structures varies based on the needs of our clients, with some building options large enough to house as many as 2,500 people.

We primarily manufacture for regions in Western Canada, but we’re also experienced in handling off-site construction solutions for the North, including Alaska, and the rest of the continental U.S., serving commercial and industrial clients.

At Alta-Fab, we push the boundaries of modular and remote building solutions by delivering excellence in the following areas:

We Are Problem Solvers

At Alta-Fab, innovation is a habit. After years of careful listening, continuous learning, and thorough problem-solving, new ideas continue to arise. Our team of trades, in-house design, product research and development, engineering, and technical CAD support, is always looking for better ways to meet our clients’ needs. Our offsite construction methods save money, time, and reduce material waste, benefitting many developers, owners, and resource-based industry executives. We are flexible to meet your needs.

We collaborate with you on projects and leverage our extensive professional network of architects, engineers and consultants for the benefit of our clients.

Learn More About Us

Our quality assurance program manager has implemented quality objectives that hold our team accountable to.

Design, manufacture, and market all Alta-Fab products focusing on quality and value for our customers, satisfying the requirements of all applicable standards and codes. Build public confidence in Alta-Fab’s products through reliability, proven field and site performance, and consistent success for meeting quality expectations from clients

At Alta-Fab, we follow rigorous safety protocols to ensure the safest possible environments for everyone we work with. More than just protocols, safety is a culture, a mindset, and a priority for the Alta-Fab leadership team.

We pride ourselves on our safe work environment for all employees, partners, and clients. It’s one of the pillars on which our company was built. Our Safety and Wellness Team includes over 25 qualified specialists across all of our work facilities.

Alta-Fab is proud to belong to the following safety organizations:

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Partners in Injury Reduction
  • Alberta Occupational Health and Safety
  • HSE Integrated


We’ve also received a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Government’s Jobs, Skills, Training, and Labour for the safety programs we’ve established.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible safety standards at Alta-Fab to ensure that all of our processes exceed industry safety regulations.

We consider our community partners an integral part of our identity. At Alta-Fab, we think of our business as a vehicle that generates opportunities for people and communities in need.

In addition to financial support, we offer design and construction capacity for many not-for-profit groups to help build, repair, and renovate their facilities. We’re happy to provide the necessary materials to make their projects become a reality.

We also look for opportunities to pair our clients up with not-for-profit groups to help organizations expand their networks and community support.

We Are Partners

Alta-Fab relies on many strategic partnerships for its continued success. Much of what we do is enabled by our industry partnerships, including:

The Resource Industry Suppliers Association (RISA)
The Modular Building Institute

Creative offsite construction solutions require ongoing collaboration, which we strive for in all our partnerships. We make decisions that support quality and innovation, and that philosophy extends into all of our relationships.

We collaborate with you on projects and are never afraid to reach out to our extensive professional network of architects, engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical, and welding), WCB, and safety consultants, when needed. At Alta-Fab, our partnerships allow us to constantly push our own expectations to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

Offsite Construction Solutions

Over the last 45 years, we’ve designed modular buildings for every application imaginable. Contact us about your next project.


Alta-Fab offers a number of exciting career opportunities. And we’re always looking for great people to fill positions within our company.

We’re proud of the culture we’ve built, and our employees are a testament to that. Sixty per cent of our staff have worked at Alta-Fab for over 5 years, and the average term of service among all our staff is 12 years.

Email hr@altafab.com with your resumé.