Modular Alberta Repair Retrofitting


Retrofitting Modular Alberta Repair

Rather than constructing new units, invest only a fraction of your funds to enhance an existing unit.


Upgrading aging modular units via retrofitting is a creative and eco-friendly construction method. Additionally, these units, which may have outlived their initial use, are revitalized with energy-efficient and functional improvements. As a result, these enhancements not only surpass industry standards but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Alta-Fab Alberta Modular Wellsite Accommodations

Modular Alberta Repair Retrofitting

Alta-Fab's Remote Modular Construction Warehouse in Alberta

Save on Costs

Retrofitting is a cost-efficient method that uses existing infrastructure, reducing the necessity for demolition and construction, which in turn trims costs. Moreover, it decreases operational and maintenance expenses, extends the lifespan of assets, and minimizes disruptions.

Reduce Construction Time

Our process saves time by avoiding the process of constructing something entirely new.

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Mechanical Room for Remote Modular Buidling

Conserve Resources

When improving existing units, retrofitting reduces construction waste. Additionally, installing new windows, appliances, and doors for instance, greatly boosts energy efficiency.

Increase Unit Lifespan

We renovate existing units to give them a fresh start. Furthermore, by introducing upgraded features, units will outlive their current predicted lifespan.

Modular construction accommodation in Niska, Alberta

We retrofit single units, fleets, and dorms of all sizes.


Above all, we are dedicated to upholding the best prefab modular solutions. As a result, we can upgrade your old units to exceed industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance.

Before and After

Take a look at how we can renovate modular buildings

Retrofitting Modular Alberta Repair

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Modular retrofitting construction has significantly transformed the way we approach infrastructure solutions for remote wellsites and diverse industries. This innovative approach encompasses a wide range of options, ensuring flexibility to address specific needs.

To begin with, sleepers are available in either 3 or 4-suite configurations. Notably, the highly sought-after Four Suite Sleeper and Three Suite Sleeper models provide comfortable accommodations, even in isolated locations.

Now, in the sphere of drilling and command centers, you’ll find a multitude of choices. These encompass Double Engineers 50/50 setups, as well as Drilling Command Centers (DCC), which come in various sizes, from single units to double units. These structures are indispensable, serving as central hubs for making precise decisions. Additionally, Motor Control Centers (MCC) are available for efficient equipment management.

When it comes to culinary requirements, we offer facilities such as commercial kitchens and diners. Furthermore, dormitories come with a variety of bed capacities, including 22, 30, or 38 beds. These options, like the 22 Bed Dorm, 30 Bed Dorm, and 38 Bed Dorm, provide ample living space for larger groups.

Managing the administrative and logistical aspects is made easy with both single and multi-unit offices. In regard to directional well sites, wet sleepers, and Texas camps, versatile solutions are at your disposal. Meanwhile, fitness trailers and recreation areas keep the workforce active and engaged.

Our inventory also extends to staff quarters, medic shacks, Arctic corridors, corridor links to facilitate mobility, operator camps, washcars for personal hygiene, and rig manager well site trailers. In a nutshell, modular retrofitting construction offers a diverse range of solutions, guaranteeing comfort, efficiency, and safety in remote work environments.